A Three Party System by Dennis Garcia

It’s another presidential election year and we as Americans are faced with the decision of selecting the next leader of our country.  This is both a right and an obligation that I believe we should all take serious.  But the question becomes, as follower of Christ, how do we live out our faith when it comes to politics?

There is much debate in the church world on how Christians should vote.  Democrats believe that Jesus is on their side because they care for the “least of these.”  Republicans believe that Jesus is on their side because they stand for biblical morality.  So who is right?  If Jesus was walking the earth in 2016, would he be a Democrat or a Republican?  While I can’t claim to speak for God on this issue, since scripture doesn’t really talk about American Politics, I think we can look at the truth of scripture and boldly declare that he would be neither.  I would argue that Jesus would be a proud member of a third party, the Kingdom Party. 

In the political world Americans identify with the party that best reflects their own world view.  This is why there is much confusion over how Christians should vote.  I believe there are elements of each party’s ideology that both advance the Kingdom of God and advance the kingdom of this world.  Neither party, however, can rightly claim to be “God’s party”. 

You see, we as followers of Christ are called to live by a different worldview.  This is not the worldview (ideology) of the Democrats or Republicans.  This is not the worldview that justifies our sinful indulgences or our every whim and desire.  We are called to live by the worldview of the Kingdom of God as defined by scripture.

When we live by a Kingdom worldview our candidate of choice is no longer who is the best Republican or best Democrat, the best Conservative or the best Progressive.  The question must become, who best embodies the character and priorities of a Kingdom Citizen?  Who best understands and lives by a Kingdom worldview?  We must be willing to look past the R or the D next to a candidate’s name and decide who will best represent Christ and His Kingdom. 

For far too long, Christ-followers have allowed their politics to inform their doctrine.  We think as Democrats or Republicans first and as Citizens of the Kingdom second.  It’s time we set aside our political ideologies for a Kingdom Worldview.  It’s time for our faith to influence our politics.  It’s time we set aside the labels of an R or D and wear the label of Christ. 

As you evaluate the candidates this year spend time praying for guidance and wisdom.  Take time to evaluate the candidates’ positions against the biblical worldview.  Let your faith and the Word of God be your guide and not the ideology of your party.  In Christ we are no longer Democrats and Republicans, we are members of the Kingdom Party. 


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