Person in Ministry – Shirley Maldonado

Volunteers are the heartbeat of our ministry at The People Church | First Baptist Moriarty. We believe that scripture teaches that every member of the church is a minister of God. We also believe it is important for us to appreciate those that work so hard and dedicate so much to our church and the Kingdom of God.

Each month we will highlight a different “Person in Ministry” to allow you to get to know others in the church and maybe learn about ministries that you may be unfamiliar with.

Shirley Maldonado

Spouse’s name:

Children and Grandchildren:
Mike Tubbs, Toni Meade, Ellen Stanley, Robert Maldonado, and Vera Kincaid. Ten grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren.

How long have you been at The People Church | First Baptist Moriarty? 
Since 1970.

Where is your sweet spot in Ministry (where you passions and gifting intersect)?Teaching children and working with Senior Adults and the disabled.

What are your passions in life?
Working in the yard and garden and sewing.

What are your challenges (being too busy, not a morning person, eating too much chocolate, etc)?   Remembering things.

Tell us a little about your ministry: 
Teaching Senior Growth groups and serving in social programs, such as Enchantment Legacy, which performs in-home services for the elderly and disabled.  I also have been responsible for other Senor adult programs in Torrance County.

 How has God changed your life since beginning this ministry or since attending The People Church | First Baptist Moriarty?
I receive a blessing from helping others.  God has blessed me in allowing me to be able to help others.


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