Family Ministry – May 2016


Children’s Ministry

Thank You!  

On behalf of The People Church family and the many lives that have been impacted, we would like to say THANK YOU to Kim Adams for her years of faithful service to the children and families of our church and community.  Her passion for discipling children and her willingness to do “whatever it takes” has made the Children’s ministry a vital part of who we are as a church and has given us a great opportunity to minister to our community. Continue to pray for Kim and her family during this time of transition as well as for the Children’s Ministry as we continue the work of equipping families and discipling children.

Student Ministry

Your students are amazing!!! In April, we had 45 students attend opening night of God’s Not Dead II (an AMAZING movie by the way), making this the highest attended event by our youth group and their invited friends!!! AWESOME!!!!!!  And… Your High School group decided to get together and go watch For King and Country at the last minute which was an amazing concert in itself, but again you have the most AMAZING students! They not only enjoyed the concert, but decided to sponsor a child through Compassion International… YOUR STUDENTS ROCK!!!!!!

REMINDER… Student Camp is coming up soon – from June 27th to July 1st with a cost of $180.00.  Please put this event on your calendar.  More information coming soon…

— Sid Ware

Person in Ministry: Margaret Wiley

Volunteers are the heartbeat of our ministry at The People Church | First Baptist Moriarty.  We believe that scripture teaches that every member of the church is a minister of God.  We also believe it is important for us to appreciate those that work so hard and dedicate so much to our church and the Kingdom of God.

Each month we will highlight a different “Person in Ministry” to allow you to get to know others in the church and maybe learn about ministries that you may be unfamiliar with.

Name:   Margaret Wiley

How long have you been at The People Church | First Baptist Moriarty?   Since 2008.

Where is your sweet spot in Ministry (where you passions and gifting intersect)? Working with preschool and children.

What are your passions in life?  Taking care of animals.

What are your challenges (being too busy, not a morning person, eating too much chocolate, etc)?  Don’t like cold weather and mornings.

Tell us a little about your ministry:   I have been working with children in churches since I was a teenager.

Celebrating Easter Every Sunday – by Ryne Swann

At this time of year, lots of people are thinking in terms of the resurrection of Jesus. On March 27, we had a whole day dedicated to what some people even call “resurrection day”. For many, this is also a time for people who are not normally interested in spiritual things, to check them out again, or maybe check them out for the first time. What I’m trying to say is, “This time of year is important for those in the Christian faith”. But why do we make it about just this time of year?

The reason that the early church began seeing The Lord’s Day as Sunday rather than Saturday, was because of the resurrection. Originally, The Lord’s Day was Saturday, because that was the day that God designated for His people to dedicate as a Sabbath. That was the day that they rested because God told them to, and because of that, the day was sacred and thus called The Lord’s Day. But then Jesus came and changed everything. Now we gather, worship, fellowship, and rest on Sundays to remind ourselves of the resurrection of Jesus – the event that defeated the grave.

Since the resurrection is so essential to our faith, it makes sense that we make a big deal of it during the spring time, when things are coming back to life after a winter of death. But I think Jesus coming back to life plays a bigger role than just a seasonal theme. It is a cornerstone to our faith, and without it, the hope that we have for life after death, and even for the life that we have on earth, is invalid. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15:12-19:

Now if Christ is proclaimed as raised from the dead, how can some of you say, “There is no resurrection of the dead”? But if there is no resurrection of the dead, then Christ has not been raised; and if Christ has not been raised, then our proclamation is without foundation, and so is your faith. In addition, we are found to be false witnesses about God, because we have testified about God that He raised up Christ — whom He did not raise up if in fact the dead are not raised. For if the dead are not raised, Christ has not been raised. And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless; you are still in your sins. Therefore, those who have fallen asleep in Christ have also perished. If we have put our hope in Christ for this life only, we should be pitied more than anyone.

So I am so glad that people are thinking more about the resurrection during this season, and I think it is important to look at Easter themes more closely around Easter. But it also shouldn’t be limited to a season. We should celebrate Easter every week we gather with The Church to sing praise to, connect with, and grow in Jesus. If it weren’t for His resurrection, we couldn’t have life eternal or life abundant. So why would we choose to limit our thinking and celebration of that?

So every week when we gather together on The Lord’s Day, let’s remember what makes it The Lord’s Day. Let’s remember Jesus’ life, death, burial and life-bringing resurrection every time that we gather together as the body of Jesus.

A Time of Reflection by Dennis Garcia

I’ve heard it said that you should never shop when you are hungry.  It makes sense, right?  When you’re hungry everything looks delicious!  Inevitably, you’ll end up buying far more stuff than you would have normally bought.  I think a similar thing can be said when reflecting on the past.  Never dwell on the past when you’re feeling discouraged.  However, sometimes it just can’t be avoided.

On the last Sunday of March, I celebrated 4 years as the pastor here at The People Church.  We’ve come a long way in four years!  We’ve seen God do a number of amazing things over the past four years!  I feel blessed to have been part of what God has done in and through this church.  And for those things I am grateful.  However, on some level, I feel like these things are done in spite of me rather than because of anything I’ve done.

You see, I look back at the past four years, and I see a lot of great and amazing things, but I also see a lot of mistakes and missed opportunities on my part.  Most days I wake up feeling absolutely unqualified and inadequate for the position that I have at our church.  Most days I think there must be 1,000 other guys who could do it better.  And usually, when I look back on the past, the mistakes seem to be much more prominent in my mind than the victories and successes.  Perhaps you’ve been there before?

Four years ago this church took a chance on a young, unproven leader with no senior pastor experience.  I’ve heard it said that when starting a new career, you will make the majority of your mistakes in the first five years.  While I hope that is true, I do know that I’ve made more than I care to admit.  Probably more than I even know about.

Now, before you think this is all doom and gloom I want to say this, “When we think about the mistakes in our past, they can either become an anchor to hold us back or a spring board to propel us forward.”  Yes, as I reflect on the past four years I see a lot of mistakes, but I am committed to learning from them and allowing God to use these experiences to make me an even better leader today and tomorrow.

There are times when looking at the past is actually the best cure for discouragement.  In the Bible, God uses a murderer with a speech impediment, Moses, to lead God’s people out of slavery in Egypt.  In the story of Balaam, God uses a talking donkey to further His agenda.  In the story of King David, God uses an adulterer, liar and murderer to bring redemption to all people, through Jesus Christ.  God uses thieves, prostitutes, murderers, and many others for His Kingdom.  If God can use all these and their mistakes, there is hope for me.

I would like to leave you with a simple thank you.  Thank you for taking the chance on a guy that really didn’t deserve the opportunity given to him.  Thank you for your grace and patience over the past four years.  Thank you for all the support and encouragement that you’ve given to me and my family.  But most of all, thank you for all you’ve taught me over the past four years on what it means to Love God and Love Others.

The past four years have been some of the best experiences in my life!  I can’t wait to see what the next four, or ten, or even twenty-five years together will bring.