Passion Surrender by Ryne Swann

What are some things that you are passionate about? Maybe it’s your spouse. Maybe it’s your kids. Maybe it’s your career. Maybe it’s your reputation. We all have things that spark a passion deep within us that make us say, “This matters greatly to me.” Our passion drives us to think, act and live a certain way. This leads me to the next question. I would say that being passionate is beneficial, but what are you doing with your passions?

It is easy to let our human nature take the passions in our lives and then use them for our gain. But that can be dangerous. We think we know what will be best for our family and friends, but a lot of the time, without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will only end up hurting those around us for our own satisfaction. Think about your passion again. What are you doing that shows you are passionate about that? And who is it affecting?

We have to think about who our actions will impact for good or bad since everything we do will impact those around us. The question is, “Are our actions going to be drawing people closer to the Creator, or pushing them deeper into their sin?”

If you are passionate about art, what kind of art are you creating? I’m not saying that all artists who claim Jesus as their Lord have to paint, sculpt, sing about, or draw crosses all day. But every art work should reflect the creativity that God has put in us. If you are passionate about your wife, we should look to the ultimate example of how to love her, and that can be found in Jesus’ love for the church. (Hosea is a great human parallel of that love.) If you are passionate about really good cupcakes, then use that passion to show people how each person is a special creation made by the hand of the ultimate maker of life.

Whatever your passion is, my challenge to you is simple. Ask yourself why you are passionate about this. Once God shows you why He has put that passion in you, then ask yourself, “How can I help the kingdom of God while using this passion?” If you don’t have a passion that you can think of, then your first step is to ask God to reveal your passion to you. Maybe it will be building community, or brewing coffee, or stopping human trafficking, or improving education. But whatever your passion is, use the fire that God has put inside you to be effective in His Kingdom. We must surrender our passions in order to be used in a manner greater than we can imagine.


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