Growth Group Highlights

The vision of The People Church | First Baptist Moriarty is to Build Community, Give Hope, and Make Disciples. Our Growth Groups serve as a key resource for Making Disciples by creating an environment for discipleship and leadership development to take place.  This happens by focusing on six different areas: fellowship, teaching, prayer, ministry, accountability, and multiplication.

Each month we will highlight a different Growth Group to allow you to get to know others in the church and maybe learn about ministries that you may be unfamiliar with. This month we are highlighting the Perkins Growth Group.

Group Leader:  Tom Perkins

  1. How long have you been leading this Growth Group? 8 or 9 years.
  1. When and where do you meet? Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m. at The People Church in the northwest corner of the church building
  1. Who is the “typical” member of your group? We have no restrictions but the group was started for “young” parents with school-age children.
  1. What curriculum are you studying? Currently, we are studying the D-Life Bible Study designed to cover the New Testament in one year.  Each week we read 5 chapters with overall questions.  One passage is focused on with 4 different members leading:  prayer/praise time, passage paraphrase, passage reading, and Bible study facilitation (questions).
  1. What fellowship and mission activities have you had in the past six months?
  • Backpack program for Moriarty schools-gathered food for kids who go hungry on the weekend
  • Inlow Camp-helped de-winterize the camp for summer season and built blessing bags to give people broken down (stranded travelers) on the side of the roads
  • Helped disaster relief people feed animals displaced by the Dog Head Wildfire
  • Super bowl party/fellowship
  • Bar-B-Que at Shiloh’s
  1. What fellowship and mission activities are scheduled for the next few months?
  • Some type of gift/thank project for law enforcement
  • Christmas party fellowship
  • Potentially provide firewood for needy
  1. What are some other interesting facts about your group?
  • Our care group was blessed enough to be able to multiply into two groups.
  • Many special relationships have been developed within the group.
  • Many dynamic/unique personalities have been exposed over time.
  • Multiple marriages, births, and potential adoptions have been celebrated within the group.
  • One of our main goals is to provide an environment where people can express serious and critical feelings and issues while knowing nothing leaves the room.

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