Create Something by Ryne Swann

As I type this, I am also watching a lyric video on YouTube, that is the handiwork of someone who is obviously a fan of the band Gungor. The song is “Beautiful Things” and the creator of the video has written all the lyrics, segment by segment, on a single page in a spiral notebook. He then, with much creativity and beauty, rotates the notebook as needed so that we see the written words of what is being sung. It is hard to imagine, but if you go to YouTube and type in “Beautiful Things Lyrics” it will be the first video that isn’t an ad.

Now the thing that really caught my attention about this video, was not the melody, nor the lyrics, though I do love the song. The thing that jumped out at me was the fact that this was made by someone not affiliated with Gungor, or the song, in anyway. This person did this out of sheer inspiration. He didn’t have to make it, and he most likely didn’t get paid anything to make it. He heard the song, liked it, and created something based on it.

And this is not the only video that has been created from a Gungor song. There are several more that people have put some work in to. There are some that people just copied and pasted the lyrics into an automatic video maker, but there are several that people custom made out of inspiration given by the song. Now this type of thing, especially lyric videos, is done for all kinds of artists, but for now, I am just going to focus on the ones created from a song written by Gungor.

I recently listened to an interview with Michael Gungor, the lead singer of Gungor, and in it he talked about how the band has never, and most likely will never, fit in to any genre boxes. They just create songs and albums that are as creative as possible at that time. They don’t settle for what is popular; they make what they feel like they should make. Because of this, they have attracted quiet a following of loyal and inspired fans. And there is something to be said about the level of creativity that their music inspires.

What if we, as believers, looked at the beautifully complex and wonderful creation that God, the most creative being and the one from whom all creativity comes, has made, and we were inspired in the same way. What would our response be? It would be to create. Now I know what you are thinking: God didn’t make me an artist; I couldn’t draw a straight line to save my life; I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket let alone create a song. Well the wonderful thing about creating something that is based on the creativity of God is, it doesn’t have to be the Mona Lisa.

The video that was based on “Beautiful Things” by Gungor that I was talking about earlier, was created by someone simply writing the words on a piece of paper. And that video has over 1,000,000 views, because it was created out of inspiration. Not all artistic creations will seem to be on par to be displayed in the Louvre, but when we really look at and are inspired by God’s creation (whether it be skies, mountains, humans, love, babies, grass, water, rainbows, animals, or anything else) we should be inspired enough to create something as a response.

Another reason we should try making something in response to God, is because of how we are made. We are made in God’s image, and He is creative enough to make all that you see. So even when we don’t feel like it, know that we have some part of us that is creative.

My challenge is simple: Create something. It can be a painting, a poem, a song, a computer graphic, an essay, a sculpture, a written prayer, or ANYTHING else that you can think of. God deserves all we have to offer, so let’s try to create something simply because we are inspired by God and His amazing creations.

One thought on “Create Something by Ryne Swann

  1. We might be creative in how we express our love to those within and outside of or daily contacts. Simply saying, stay mindful to who is around you. You can be used to work with anyone at anytime. Smile and be prepared to share who you are in Christ.


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