Growth Group Highlights

The vision of The People Church | First Baptist Moriarty is to Build Community, Give Hope, and Make Disciples. Our Growth Groups serve as a key resource for Making Disciples by creating an environment for discipleship and leadership development to take place.  This happens by focusing on six different areas: fellowship, teaching, prayer, ministry, accountability, and multiplication.

Each month we will highlight a different Growth Group to allow you to get to know others in the church and maybe learn about ministries that you may be unfamiliar with. This month we are highlighting the Chavez Growth Group.

Group Leader:  Paul & Mickey Chavez

  1. How long have you been leading this Growth Group? About 6 years.
  1. When and where do you meet? Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m. at The People Church in Room 516.
  1. Who is the “typical” member of your group? We have no particular age group. Everyone that comes will feel welcome.
  1. What curriculum are you studying? D-Life Bible Study which allows us to open up God’s Word and learn directly from Him.
  1. What fellowship and mission activities have you had in the past six months? The last six months have been challenging for us, since we have had many illnesses and other people traveling. For fellowship we do go to dinner together. Our mission activities during the past six months include the following:
    1. We helped people in our group and church first, since we all know that charity starts in the home.
    2. We fed animals displaced by the Dog-head Wild Fire.
    3. We visited people that can no longer come to church, and we gave them lots of love.
    4. We provided money for people in financial trouble.
    5. We ministered to hospice residents at Kaseman Hospital in Albuquerque.
  1. What fellowship and mission activities are scheduled for the next few months? We plan to continue our practice of going to dinner together. As a mission activity our plan is to help with the lunch project for the school Bible clubs.
  1. What are some other interesting facts about your group? We are unique in actions and looks. (Ha-Ha!) We are blessed because we all want to know more about God’s Word. We also have a missionary in our class! How did this happen? While he was in dire need for a job, he asked us to pray for him. We did, and within one week he was called. There was a catch…he had to go 3,270 miles to Hawaii. As a result, he has been able to share the gospel with so many people. God has blessed us!

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