Faith for a Lifetime, Part 2 – by Beth Aultman

Last month the focus of this article was primarily on the role of parents and families in the development of helping kids have faith that sticks.  Now our focus will shift a little to see what the authors of Why They Stray, by Steve Parr and Tom Crites and Sticky Faith, by Kara Powell and Chap Clark tell us their research on this subject revealed about the churches’ role.

  • They were part of a strategic youth Ministry
  • Parents who were ‘all in’
  • Whether they had a church that had a ministry for them after high school
  • The child’s own personal sense of commitment
  • A college ministry
  • A watch-care church (a church that kept in contact and still ministered to the young adult)
  • The child’s own personal view of scripture

While a few of the items on this second half of the list still reflect somewhat on the parent/family influence, we as a church body bear the responsibility of the majority of this list.  I believe the adults at church who live out an ‘all in’ attitude in spiritual matters, have a high level of personal commitment to the Lord and live lives that show the importance of Scripture, are all positive influences to those forming their opinions about how to live the Christian life.  If you are an adult believer, and you haven’t already done so, seek to connect with a least one young person at church.  You just might be one of the ‘difference makers’ in that young person’s life.  Let’s prayerfully strive to be the Christian examples and strong Godly influences for all of those watching, especially when we think no one is watching.