ACTS of Prayer

What are you devoted to? Most of us have a handful of things we spend our time and energy on. Where does prayer fit into your spiritual life? Sadly, I know in my life prayer often becomes a last resort instead of a first priority. I believe if we are to see spiritual awakening in our Land and revival in the Church, prayer must become a central priority in our lives.

Jesus’ disciples asked Him to teach them to pray. We have that prayer recorded in Matthew 6. The key is our prayer must also be followed up by action. We must pray and then love, serve, and go wherever God instructs us. Prayer without obedience is just wishful thinking. As believers, we cannot sit idly by and not act on our prayers.

The outline of the ACTS of Prayer is a great way to specifically remember key points on prayer and how to pray effectively.

Adoration: Praising God for WHO He is and His awesome power! (Psalm 31:23-24)

Confession: Confessing our need for His forgiveness, love and cleansing! (1 John1:9)

Thanksgiving: Thankful for God’s provisions! (Psalm 100:4-5)

Supplication: Praying for Others! (1Timothy 2:1)

On Mission,

Pastor Johnny