This Is Us

This is Us, is a popular TV show detailing the lives of everyday families searching for lasting significance. However, we often search in all the wrong places for satisfaction, love, and self-worth. What if our homes searched for Christ?

Luke 19 details the account of Zacchaeus searching for Jesus. Jesus met Zacchaeus where he was and told him, “today I will abide in your house.” (Luke 19:5) Zacchaeus’ life and home were rocked that day. He was not the same after meeting, dining with, and seeking to follow Christ with his entire life. “Many homes have been rescued from unhappiness and ruin by the entrance of the Savior.”

Jesus visits and so much rearranges; mothers reflect His purity, fathers reflect His patience and sacrifice, and children reflect His humble submission to our Heavenly Father. Simply put, our lives change when we meet Jesus. Does your home glow with peace, devotion, and good will from meeting Jesus? One author wrote it this way. “The Christian home is earth’s sweetest picture of Heaven.”

This must be us! Allow Jesus to abide, stay, and rearrange the furniture of your house, and you will be so glad you did. He is knocking, let Him in today.

On Mission,

Pastor Johnny