Taking a Knee

Bowing and kneeling are two of the most humbling expressions we can make. When we bow and kneel, we are showing honor and respect to the one we are kneeling in front of. The Psalmist encourages us in Psalm 95 to bow and kneel before God our Creator. God is our creator and He alone is worthy of our worship. We often worship so many other things beside God. Why do we so quickly worship idols? People make lousy idols, they always disappoint, and money makes a lousy idol –  it only brings fleeting happiness. Our nature tends to lead us to idol worship, instead of humbling ourselves before God and worshiping Him with our entire lives. Jesus described worship this way, “my sheep hear my voice and know me as their shepherd.” If we are the “sheep of His pasture”, we should strive to hear His voice and follow His lead. Jesus, being our Good Shepherd, wants to lead us to green pastures and beside still waters that only He can provide. Bow and kneel before God today as His humble sheep, and He will lead you into abundance.

In Christ,

Pastor Johnny