Joy Unspeakable

In our culture it seems joy is hard to come by. We mistake joy with happiness and that can lead to frustration. Joy transcends happiness and the circumstances that surround you. The chaos of this world can lead us to lose our joy and hope that anything will ever change. The Bible tells us otherwise, and it gives a us some great examples of how joy can overcome even the darkest circumstances.

In Philippians, the Apostle Paul writes from a prison cell about the joy he has in knowing Christ, the progress of the gospel, and even awaiting trial. His punishment even in innocence could be death but he is still joyful. How? He knows Christ and the power of his resurrection and he is willing to hold on to his joy even when life seems dark and dreadful.

Joy is finding contentment in Christ through prayer, His Word, and encouragement of fellow believers who are going through similar struggles. God never promised relief from the pain or struggle or even prison, but He does walk through them all with us, and our faith as it is tested by fire will be purified as gold and silver. Allow God to provide joy even when it seems there is no joy to be found.

In Joy,

Pastor Johnny

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