Surrender vs. Commitment

Surrender is defined as yielding to the power of another, to submit possession of one-self. God calls us to absolute surrender to Him. Because God is our Holy Creator and Redeemer He deserves nothing less than absolute surrender. As believers, there can be no half-hearted attempts at following Christ.  Jesus taught His disciples that they must abandon “all” and follow Him. He told the rich young ruler to sell “all” he had and follow Him. (Matthew 16:25, Luke 18:18-23)

When theologian & author Andrew Murray asked a fellow pastor “what is the great need of the Church?”, the answer was, “absolute surrender was the one thing.” (Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray) The term absolute consists of giving everything for one cause, and upon completion having nothing left to give. Is this the cry of your heart? Absolute surrender to the will of God will revolutionize your prayer life, your devotional life and your walk with Christ.

Surrender is different than commitment. With commitment, you have a tendency to use your willpower to accomplish a task. Commitment is about you. Asolute surrender is about God and His will and power. One example of this is the subject of breakfast with the chicken and the pig. The chicken is committed and produces an egg. The pig absolutely surrenders and produces bacon.

On Mission,

Pastor Johnny

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