The Love of God

One of the central themes of Scripture is the love of God.  We must see how God has woven a thread of redeeming love through the Bible, culminating with the greatest expression of love, Jesus’ death and resurrection. Jesus came for a people who needed to be redeemed. The definition of redemption is to be bought back, to be reclaimed usually through some cost, or to be recovered or rescued. God sent Jesus on the ultimate rescue mission, one that would cost Him his life. He knew all of it and yet he still came and gave his life for you and me. True love requires sacrifice, is selfless, and is honorable. 1 John 3 describes the amazing love of God that needs to be present in all our lives. “We love because he loved us first.” He revealed that love by giving His life as a ransom for many. How has God’s love been present in your life? Are you revealing that love daily?

On Mission,

Pastor Johnny

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